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优雅的母亲节祝福语英文 母亲节的祝福语句简单英语


1、Wherewouldwebewithoutyou,mom?妈妈,没有您我们将流落何方呢?1、轻轻地一声祝福,道不尽心中的千言万语,短短的一条短信给你带上我衷心的问候,其实我一直都很挂念你!With a gentle blessing and endless words in my heart, a short text message brings my heartfelt greetings to you. In fact, I've always missed you very much!2、妈妈,我曾是您身边的一只备受关怀的小鸟,今天它为您衔来了一束芬芳的鲜花。

2、Mom, I used to be a caring bird around you. Today it brings you a bouquet of fragrant flowers.3、有一个爱,一生一世不求回报——母爱,有一个人,一生一世值得你爱——母亲。

3、??There is a love, life without reward - maternal love, there is a person, life worth your love - mother. Present4、在母亲眼里,孩子永远是孩子,在孩子的嘴上和心里,母亲就是上帝。

4、In the mother's eyes, the child is always the child, in the child's mouth and heart, the mother is God.5、妈妈:这十几年来你辛苦了!希望在这特别的日子送上我特别的问候!祝:母亲节快乐!妈妈我永远爱你!Mom: You've been working hard for more than ten years! I hope to send my special greetings on this special day! Wish: Happy Mother's Day! Mom, I love you forr!6、掌心写满你丝丝的牵挂,鞋底缀满你点点的辛劳,心中记满你声声的嘱咐,梦中充满你的关怀,满满的祝福送给你,母亲!祝你节日快乐!Palms full of your silk care, soles full of your little toil, hearts full of your vo mands, dreams full of your warm care, full of blessings to you, mother! Happy holidays to you!7、我是从故乡屋檐下飞出的一只小鸟,每一根羽毛成长都凝结着您的深情抚爱和谆谆教导。

5、I am a bird flying out from the ees of my hometown. Every feather grows with your affectionate caress and earnest teaching.8、妈妈你的女儿长大了我也懂事了你放心吧没有我的日子你要更加保重你自己!Mom, your daughter grew up and I understand. You can rest assured that you will take more care of yourself without me!9、慈母的爱!这种爱谁也不能忘怀!Mother's love! No one can fet this love!10、妈妈,你的女儿长大了,也懂事了,你放心吧!没有我的日子你要更加保重你自己!Mom, your daughter has grown up and understood. You can rest assured! You he to take care of yourself n more without me!11、妈手温暖又轻柔,妈眼明亮又温柔,妈笑慈祥又灿烂,妈话体贴又关怀,妈爱伟大又宽广。

6、妈妈,儿女永远爱您!Mother's hands are warm and gentle. Mother's eyes are bright and gentle. Mother's ile is kind and brilliant. Mother's words are thoughtful and caring. Mother's love is great and broad. Mother, children always love you!12、您为我播种阳光,您为我阻挡风雨。


8、母亲节,祝妈妈节日快乐!You sow sunshine for me, you keep me out of the storm. On the way of growing up, people all care about me flying high or low, only you care about me not tired. Happy Mother's Day!13、世界上一切其他都是假的,空的,唯有母亲才是真的,永恒的,不灭的。

9、Everything else in the world is false and empty. Only mother is real, eternal and immortal.14、妈:为了我您的黑发变白,费尽心血。


11、妈,谢谢您!您辛苦了!儿会尽我所能报答您我最亲的妈妈!Mom: For my sake, your black hair is turning white. Today is your holiday. Thank you, Mom. You've been working hard! I will try my best to repay you my dearest mother!15、孩子他妈,平时是咱父子俩叨您的福,今天就让咱父子俩鞍前马后奔忙一天吧,您就享享福吧。

12、Damn the child, it's our father and son who usually talk about your happiness. Let's let them run around for a day today. You can enjoy your happiness.16、没有你就没有我,就没有我数十寒暑的悲伤,也没有我春夏秋冬的欢笑,谢谢你给了我生命中美好的一切与成长。

13、母亲节快乐!?Without you and me, there would be no sorrow of dozens of winters and summers, nor my laughter of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Thank you for giving me all the good things and growth in my life. Happy Mother's Day!All the thoughts, more integrated with endless gratitude and respect, may your festival be filled with brilliance and peace.18、紧急通知:各位同事,为庆祝母亲节,单位组织大家看电影,每人限领两张票,请收到通知后速来领取!Emergency Not: Colleagues, in order to celebrate Mother's Day, the unit anizes ryone to watch movies. Each person is limited to o tickets. Please e to collect them as soon as yoeceive the not!19、你的双眼,写满儿女的期盼;您的双手,绘画着幸福的明天;你的幸福,是儿女的心愿;母亲节到,道一句问候:祝妈妈健康永远!Your eyes are full of children's expectations; your hands are drawing a happy tomorrow; your happiness is the greatest wish of children; Mother's Day es, a greeting: I wish my mother health forr!20、母亲节在今朝,祝福妈妈年年好,幸福长寿没烦恼,朋友,一起祝愿妈妈好。

14、Mother's Day in today, wish mother good year after year, happiness and longevity without worries, friends, toger wish mother good.21、收集每一种愿望,每一个企盼,寄予你深切的关怀。


16、母亲节快乐!Collect ry wish, ry hope, and send you deep concern. In such a season, take my sincere wishes to you. May happiness always be with you. Happy Mother's Day!22、走过了那么多年,我才深深知道,我的人是您2. Mother, I just want to let you know that you are always in my thoughts。

17、After so many years, I deeply know that the person who loves me most is you, mother.23、世界上有一种最锦绣的声音,那便是母亲的呼叫。

18、There is one of the most beautiful vos in the world, that is the mother's call.24、洗衣做饭持家务,终日不歇身影忙碌,默默无闻怨言从不,为儿为女生活朴素,值此母亲佳节光顾,儿女送上真挚福祝:妈妈,节日快乐!Laundry, cooking, housework, busy all day long, unknown plaints nr, for the children to live for girls , on this Mother's Day patro, children send sincere wishes: Mom, happy holidays!25、母亲,是你用点点滴滴的爱抚养我长大,未来的日子只求你能健康、快乐,我会花更多一点的时间陪伴在你身边,让幸福的感觉在你心间!Mother, it is you who bring me up with a little bit of love. In the future, I only want you to be healthy and happy. I will spend more time with you and let the feeling of happiness in your heart!26、今天是你的节日,在你我的世界里你一直是老大,抓革命,搞生产,咱们的事情你说了算!亲爱的,母亲节快乐!Today is your holiday. In your world, you he always been the eldest, grasping revolution and doing production. You he the final say in our business. Happy Mother's Day, dear!27、妈妈:身在异乡的我不能给您亲手送上一束康乃馨,惟有以此短信一表我的心意,祝您健康、快乐、幸福无边。

19、Mom: I can't send you a bunch of carnations in a foreign country. I only wish you health, happiness and boundless happiness by this short message.28、走过了那么多年,我才深深知道,我的人是您,妈妈。

20、把无数的思念化做心中无限的祝福,默默的为你祈祷,祝你健康快乐!After so many years, I deeply know that the person who loves me most is you, mother. Turn countless thoughts into infinite blessings in your heart, silently pray for you, wish you health and happiness!29、老妈,您脸上的皱纹不过是表示原来有过笑容的地方,在我心目中,您永远是最美的。

21、祝您节日快乐,健康幸福!Mom, the wrinkles on your face are just the places where you used to he a ile. In my mind, you are always the most beautiful. Happy holidays, health and happiness!30、母亲节来了,妈妈,祝您节日快乐,您的幸福是我的幸福!你的开心,是我的开心!愿你永远幸福快乐!Mother's Day is ing, Mom, I wish you a happy holiday, your happiness is my greatest happiness! Your happiness is my greatest happiness! May you be happy forr!Wife, happy holidays, I cooked your forite dishes for you, cooked your forite soup, and waited for you to go home. Love you!32、收集每一种愿望,每一个企盼,寄予您深切的关怀。


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